the end of the satanic

one day at an equinox

where temperatures are everywhere in the world
not to hot or to cold

where there is the sun shining ... 12 hours
and everywhere night ... 12 hours

except at the poles

we  we will start ... in new zealand
and Japan after 24hours

not just the biological end
of this satanic world population

but we will be for all times
ending their satanic souls

since they have days and weeks time
to realize ... that they are a mass of insanity
and a global danger now

and a danger to all our galaxies
of all our universe

so ...
we therefore have to prevented them from doing so

destroying your world ... making it uninhabitable
for everyone

so all homo sapiens ... who know
what they do

and that for this whole galaxy
and all our universe

otherwise the galactic nation
our whole civilization

would be endangered in their existence

we never fight any war
we want to live in peace with everyone

but should a pests be

like this one
not responsive to their endless harm
not even potentially capable of learning
have a legal capacity

then this must be a pest
and any pest must be eliminated
before they become invincible
so being destroyed
for all time

through the the activation
of the galactic pest control

where these pest then everywhere in their world
then get very tired

just getting into a building
should they be outdoors at night

and then they will be unable to move at all
will not even be able to drink water
although it should be close

then they will die of thirst
over days and weeks

until they never hurt anymore

any one human
any one environment

and only sustainably living entities
one worthy of a human being

so those
who observe the order in our universe
those being real homo sapiens

will inherit and repair this world
to the delight of all people

in this universe

geo dynamics ...

albedo and positive feedback

so ... when the greenland ice shelf has melted
then greenland will rise ...
because all this weight of the ice masses
no longer presses it down
and then increase the coast of the coast
all of the planet by 10 meters ...
not only 7 meters
because then ...
the weight of the extra water mass
push this coast down even more
and  the lower albedo
then heat up greenland in the north summer
and then the clear sea even with all the canadian islands
where one then at the peak of summer

there we will have a tropical paradise
but that is only the beginning because we know ...
that the ice shelf Antarctica several kilometers high ...
and when this have melted and there is naked sea
and all these islands are there for 24 hours
soak up
then we also have a tropical paradise there
but only for a while

because when all the seas warm up more and more
until steaming hot
then we have everywhere up to 100 ° C
on the new sea level

being up to 100 meters more than today
at some places even more

so ...
we do not need a new panama canal
no suez canal further dredging on
actually we do not need anything anymore
because we cooked well done

and blown away from the wind
but it will not come because ...
if this world should not have an intelligent government by 2030
because an argumentocracy is realized
where intelligence is at work !
because only real arguments count ... no more opinion
meaning the cause of all this delusion
then we will take over the government
by disposing of all climate sinners and making them bio fertilizers
and the rest ... being climate neutral already
will repair the climate now again
meaning every year the co2 becoming lower

completely freeze up the arctic sea again
all these landscapes lightened up to increase
the return of solar radiation

make all the darkend greenland ice again
snow white

for optimal return radiation

until the condition reached a hundred years ago
or even better
because max 1.5 ° C do not work
let alone 2 ° C or more
it is all or nothing
a second venus or the climate of the year 1800 ...
never go for a liberal democratic freedom

because no human being
may be free to be guaranteed by the majority

climate tipping rights
with his predator animal run around rights
his under nature protection to be put killer whales ...
most other whales ... dolphins ... see lions eating all the foods
away from humans
this resources wasting rights
his toxin food rights
this all madness of a democracy
their outgrowth was already known
to some greek philosophers  thousands of years ago
but we need the reality better known every day
and reworked to shape the future on this basis alone
do not incite the mass of insanity
to be losing everything
with our uplifting all this delusion ever more

our cosmic community

galactic foundation

galactic central information